Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweet Somethings

The other night Brian and I were playing with our son, trying to wear him out for bed. We built blocks, had crawling races, tickle wars and finally wound down with some dancing. We used to dance a lot before we were married and were laughing at how different it was holding a baby between us. I teased Brian about how he used to whisper sweet nothings in my ear, to which he responded by whispering "sweet nothing, sweet nothing, sweet nothing" over and over again. I'm glad our sense of humor hasn't left us.

Later, while doing dishes, I was reflecting on this and how indeed so many of those little romantic gestures that used to make me thrill when we were first dating and engaged are no longer such a big deal. Now instead, I am wooed by the ordinary acts Brian performs for me out of love. When he volunteers to change a dirty diaper, (and we cloth diaper!) cooks me breakfast or watches Joseph so I can enjoy my shower, his love for me speaks louder than any other time, as within those actions is a sacrificial love reflective of the love of Christ.

Marriage hasn't killed the romance in our relationship , but rather changed the definition from an emotion into  a love with meaning which isn't simply proclaimed in "sweet nothings", but also proven by our actions which become "sweet somethings".

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