Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Return of Daddy

Brian has been away these past several days at the Catholic Medical Association's Annual Conference in Springfield IL. During his absence, I have come to realize how much I hate being alone. Perhaps it is because I come from a large family, and it was a rare thing to be the only one at home, but I think I know where Joseph gets his need for constant companionship. Granted, I haven't been completely forsaken with my little buddy around, but he's not quite of the age to be able to hold and intelligible conversation yet.

As much as I don't like being lonely, it has turned me more towards seeking the Lord's company through spontaneous prayer. What a comfort to know I have Him by my side to protect me and be with me. I have also come to a greater appreciation for the Lord's wisdom in knowing that man was not meant to be alone, nor are children meant to be raised by one parent. There are so many unique ways that Brian relates to Joseph that I can't replicate (and vice versa of course!) but even at 9 months it is so obvious to me that he NEEDS his Daddy too.

So we are clinging a little more tightly to each other for now as we await the return of Daddy!

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