Friday, July 23, 2010

Insights from Matt Maher

While cleaning the shower and scrubbing my kitchen floor I listened to this radio interview with Matt Maher from the Immaculate Heart Radio archives. Although I have been a fan of Matt's music for years, I have never been to a concert or heard him speak before now. Wow, it is no wonder the beauty of his music truly reflects a passionate man of God.

He had some incredible insights on the state of the Church that I found thought provoking. First of all, he called marriage the "Helm's Deep of our time". He went on to explain that since marriage is the foundation of our society, it is there that we must stand our ground. He connected the breakdown of marriage as a big reason for the decrease in Mass attendance, because the Mass is all about the marriage between Christ and the Church. Marriage is meant to reflect this relationship, so when marriages are crumbling it is no surprise that people no longer feel a reason to come to the liturgy.

When asked about his past affiliation with LifeTeen, which was instrumental in his return to the sacraments, his  view on youth ministry surprised me. Recognizing our culture is no longer rooted in Judeo-Christian values, and that family life is non-existent for most teens now, he feels that the days of separating teens from their families and the rest of the parish community should be over. More than ever, young people are totally absorbed in their own world with no connection to their families, parishes or the greater community. Ministry needs to be focused on re-establishing the bonds within families and the building up of true Christian community in which parishioners of all ages work, serve, and worship together.

Matt Maher is an artist who I have admired for his courage to be authentically and boldy Catholic in his music and lyrics. I am excited to finally be able to see him in concert this summer and am glad I came across this interview which has given me a lot to think over as I go back to my cleaning :)

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