Friday, May 7, 2010

A Mother's Day

While folding laundry this afternoon I was listening the focus on the family's radio broadcast on Mother's Day. As each speaker shared favorite memories and lessons from their mothers and all the different ways they celebrate this day, I couldn't help thinking what a strange "holiday" this really is. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my mother and love being a mother and think all mothers are deserving of recognition for their incredibly difficult, important work. I get all sappy when reading through the Mother's day cards and love smelling the beautiful flower bouquets as I walk into the grocery store. My mouth waters to see the tasty celebration cakes in the bakery and Joseph waves to the balloons. All of this is wonderful, right?

But think about it a minute-does our culture really appreciate motherhood, really seek to promote this sacrificial yet rewarding vocation, or is this just another opportunity to make a buck? Is all this fanfare sincere and reflective of a culture which supports women in motherhood the other 364 days of the year?

I am not suggesting that Mother's Day should be boycotted, but I have come to realize the importance of being a witness of the gift of human life which makes us mothers and that we must make attractive to others the beautiful call of motherhood. When a women is expecting her third (or 4th or 10th) child and is congratulated in the grocery aisle, or is encouraged by her employer to leave the work force to stay at home with her new baby, then I'll know our culture has finally embraced the true meaning of Mother's Day.

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Karen said...

I agree that Mother's Day (and Father's Day) shouldn't be boycotted. But your post prompted me to ask the question: Why not boycott the commercialism of it, and celebrate the beauty of mothers this year through a personal expression of your gratitude to your mom for giving you life and going through so much to raise you?